Nokia Lumia 800 3D Mobile Ad

Continuing our collaboration with our Mobile 3D ad developer, we were commissioned to create a real-time model of the new Nokia Lumia 800 smart phone. This is one of the first Nokia phones to offer the Windows Phone platform. As the ad is targeted for mobile devices, the 3D engine had to work within the limitations of these devices which have more limited graphics processing power compared to desktops and laptops. The final model still had to be within a certain polygon count so our team had to really optimize the model while keeping true to its design.

3D Mobile Ad: Nokia Lumia 800 project | ZUM

3D Mobile Ads: Nokia Lumia 800 project | ZUM

3D Mobile Advertisement: Nokia Lumia 800 project | ZUM




















































Want to see the 3D Mobile Ad in action? You’re in luck, here it is:

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