Rawabi is the first Palestinian planned community to be built near the town of Ramallah. The developers for this project are Bayti Real Estate Investment Company  together with Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company and Massar International. In collaboration with the architects, AECOM and EDAW, we developed the entire site in 3D including the surrounding hills around Rawabi. This gave them an unparalleled view of what their design will really look like once it is built and this helped them fine tune their design in a way that was previously not possible.

It will consist of around 5,000 affordable housing units with a central commercial area, which will feature a pedestrian promenade for shops and restaurants. Together with all the other institutions like banks, schools, hospitals, hotel, entertainment centers and the like, Rawabi is a complete community that will offer a true quality of life option well within the financial reach of young Palestinian families.

ZŪM built, managed and produced 3D models and output media (3D Renderings, 3D Animations) for the Rawabi project. To view all high resolution output media please visit the ZŪM LLC web site.

Select ZŪM 3D renderings of Rawabi:

3D Architecture Company: Rawabi project | ZUM

3D Architectural Company: Rawabi project | ZUM

3D Rendering Company: Rawabi project | ZUM

Click below to view a 30 second ZŪM 3D animation trailer of Rawabi:

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