Custom 3D Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Haven’t found that perfect Valentine’s Day present yet? Don’t worry –we’ve scoured the web for the best gifts out there. These 3D tokens of your affection may be geeky to some, but we love them for their uniqueness.

Personalized PEZ Dispensers: Who needs diamonds and roses when you can show your loved one just how sweet they are with a personalized candy dispenser? Hot Pop Factory came up with these customized PEZ dispensers when a client asked them to create special holiday gifts for each of their employees. Each employee was digitally scanned (as part of a company-wide “research” project), and the team at Hot Pop used those images to create the heads for candy dispensers. A little creepy, yes, but the client got a big kick out them: check them out here. Like what you see? The company makes more conventional 3D-printed jewelry, too.

Chocolate Faces:  Planning a trip to Japan in the near future? You could come back with a one-of-a-kind chocolate treat… featuring your face. Japanese 3D-printing company FabCafe is offering to scan customer’s heads, and turn the image into a 3D digital model. The company then prints the model in plastic, and makes a silicone mold out of it. Once the mold is filled with chocolate, you have a personalized box of chocolates ready to give to your loved one. Read more about it on the Guardian.

View-Master 3D Reel: If you’re like us, you can’t get enough of SkyMall. From heated bathroom mats to talking dog collars, you never know what you’re going to find when you open that catalog. We found this gem, a View-Master 3D Reel and Viewer that you can customize with your own pictures and phrases, and thought that it would make an amazing Valentine’s gift. Once you purchase the viewer, users can go to the Reel Builder online site and upload your digital photos and captions. They also offer additional film reels, so you can make a unique memento that commemorates any occasion.

3D Printer: Billed as the most affordable and easy-to-use home 3D printer, Cubify’s Cube is a home 3D printer for anyone who wants to design and create their own products. Starting at $1299, the Cube has the ability to print in 18 colors, and comes with 25 product models to get you started. Cubify’s website offers a list of projects that other users have made to help keep your creative juices flowing. And if you love 3D printed products, but don’t want to make them yourself, Cubify has an entire shop full of accessories, jewelry, toys and more, many of which can be personalized.

3D Hearts Card: Sometimes, it’s the simplest gesture that means the most. We found this adorable 3D hearts card (and it comes with your own pair of 3D glasses!) on Etsy from stationary shop Wit & Whistle. For only $7, including shipping, it’s one way that you can show your love without breaking the bank.



Are there any 3D gifts out there that we’ve missed? Tell us about them in the comments. And Happy Valentine’s Day!



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